Children's Library

At LibraryPass, we wholeheartedly believe libraries have a unique responsibility to offer relevant, balanced, and diverse collections that represent all reasonable points of view. As such, we aim to provide unlimited access to a broad range of ideas and information, and we purposefully partner with a variety of publishers to curate materials that offer diverse viewpoints across a variety of subject areas, including well-known favorites and under-the-radar gems.

Our collection development policy focuses on providing a broad choice of materials to meet the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of readers in schools, public, and academic libraries, while applying consistent age-appropriate guidelines across our overall collection to support librarians and educators’ varied needs.

Our content selection criteria includes:

  • Popular interest based on national trends and circulation statistics
  • Circulation of similar topics, titles, series or creators
  • Customer and/or reader demand for specific subjects, titles, publishers and creators
  • Representation of diverse cultures, experiences, and points of view

We strongly encourage input from our customers, readers, publisher partners, and other stakeholders. All requests for title additions are subject to our selection criteria and age-appropriate guidelines, and are not automatically added to, nor removed from, the platform.

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